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E-mail us your request in full. > Name, Budget, Guest #, Contact #, All info about your request.  upon availability

Smiling everyday relaxes the mind try it :) I moved to Los Angeles back in 1996 from New York City & New Jersey areas after working for my families fashion garment corp. business. I stayed in LA and was thinking of making a change of business and I thought I want to learn about Hollywood acting gigs and entertainment productions thing so i did some tv shows and films and join the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Aftra unions. And starting playing a lot of TV & film acting rolls as a police and Swat officer and a Business man and much more as I work in major productions and seeing and meeting celebrities I always watched on TV & in Film living back east that was cool. I also enjoy watching myself on the big screen and on TV and letting my family and friends see me on the screen makes me happy :) I lived in a few cool cities in LA as from Hollywood to the beach cities. I have worked and still work with many great celebrities, directors and producers and good friends. I still act and I started producing films and production services and I also started a luxury rental services & also other luxury services. I am enjoying living at the beach in Los Angeles walks, bike rides, yacht cruises and much more. Working in entertainment I got to do things many only dream of and I just smile each day being happy and as each day is new in my world making things happen. I help out when I can with many other productions, charities that my friends need my help or services and I always remember who helped me and I am just like being real and up front everyday. You can always hire me to work with you in marketing etc :) Have a great day, week, month, year. Peace and Love. I deal in film productions and in the luxury rental services and the music biz and my hobby still photography & traveling and seeing the world. Myself and my team always treat everyone the same. No prices on this site per spring, summer, winter so always email us a full detailed request. Thanks

Upon availability always email us first: Budgets, Dated, Guest counts, All details needed.

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